24th Annual Private Equity & Venture Capital Conference


The 24th Annual CBS Private Equity and Venture Capital conference was held on Friday, February 23, 2018 at the New York Marriott Marquis in Times Square. Hundreds of professionals, students, faculty, and CBS alumni came out to hear perspective from industry leaders on the effects of systemic change on private capital markets. Panel topics ranged from new approaches to traditional LBO investing to the emerging popularity of search fund investing. Speakers represented firms including Blackstone, Sentinel Capital Parntners, Kelso & Co, and Mill Road Capital. Scroll through for the full roster of speakers and panelists.

Keynote Speakers



What will the future hold for buyout funds?  The panel will discuss the implications of a wide array of issues putting pressure on the industry ranging from the rise of traditional LPs as direct investors to equity markets being near record highs, and explore tailwinds and policies that may boost returns for the industry.

Growth Equity

In the past 24 months, growth equity has attracted significant attention and capital. The rise of “hybrid” or “crossover” funds well as traditional buyout firms raising dedicated growth equity funds highlight this trend. The panel will discuss what implications this has had on their ability to source and compete on deals, and where they see continued challenges or new opportunities in growth investing going forward.


Market volatility is only expected to increase over the next year. It is more important now than ever for buyout firms to develop value creation strategies that are repeatable and easily implemented throughout the portfolio. This panel will discuss how to apply these focused strategies to sustain value creation momentum from entry to exit.

Real Estate

Over the past decade, global real estate markets rebounded from the depths of the global financial crisis with the help of strong investment, financing, and development activity. The last 12 months, however, have introduced unique uncertainties. A new US administration, Brexit, financial deregulation, and rate hikes are just a few examples of recent challenges to the status quo. This panel will discuss investing through uncertainty and how to view risk and opportunity in today's real estate markets.

Search Funds

Search Funds are innovative investment vehicles that allow entrepreneurs to achieve remarkable results and real impact through the acquisition and operation of a company. The Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition Panel will feature some of the most experienced entrepreneurs and investors in the industry who will discuss the model and share their stories

Venture Capital Panel

What sectors do VC firms favor by region? Which regions have thriving entrepreneur communities and what drives the emergence of such communities? How does local culture impact venture investing? How do regional VCs pitch their differentiation to potential limited partners? What will venture capital look like five years from now in the US and worldwide? What uncertainty will VC in different regions face?